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Civic-Political Dialogue

SONSAC has done three civic-political dialogues in Somali Region. In collaboration with Conciliation Resources(CR), SONSAC has brought together political parties, intellectuals, civic actors, traditional, religious leaders, women, youth and representatives from the private sectors to discuss the recently announced National Dialogue. 

The civic forums were separately held for youth and women, for political parties, and for CSO representatives. The discussion took place in Royal hotel and lasted for three days with action point to hold a general platform bringing all three groups together to validate the agenda. To this end SONSAC published a booklet entitled "Somali Agenda" where all points of interest from the various stakeholders were included. 


The commission is already identified and approved by the house of federation and will start their work soon. SONSAC Chairperson-Mr. Ferhan Abdulkadir has met one of the key commissioners representing Somali Region-Ambassador Mohamud Dirir. Together with newly appointed commissioner, SONSAC will continue to collaborate with all concerned bodies and explore appropriate platforms with the right audience and resources.